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    Multiple-pieces integrated articulation system to provide additional ankle support. Rear-button quick un-locking system for increased foot movement. Extended heel protector with shockabsorbing wedge.
  • Innovative Falco one-piece moulded protection integrating toe-fingers shield, gear change pad and “Alu-Zinc” slider.


  • Multiple-pieces integrated security skeleton to support movements of foot. Integrated P.U. heat-shield. Reinforced arch support.

  • One-piece moulded chassis for increased protection and durability. Impact dampening EVA midsole. Double-compound high-gripping sole.
D3O™impactprotectiontech D3O illustrazione
D3O™ IMPACT PROTECTION developed in Winter-sports and Military industry is first applied to motorcycle boots by FALCO. D3O™ intelligent molecules™ flow freely when moving slowly but in case of shock lock together to absorb impact energy. Impact force transmitted to ankle-foot area is significantly reduced thanks to D3O™ exclusive support.


  • Falco membrane resistant to water penetration. The only scientific test to determine, define and indicate whether a motorcycle boot is waterproof is the test required by the regulations EN 13634: 2010. The testing method consists of walk of 100 steps on a suitable platform with water level 5mm above the sole. At the successful completion of this test the boot is considered waterproof.
  • Lining featuring superior performing characteristics and is structurally developed to be extremely breathable, anti-bacterial, quick drying and environment friendly.
  • Aircool patented breathable system features a waterproof membrane that filters moisture out of the shoe throughout the ventilation inserts placed at bottom of sole. Aircool air condition regulates airflow, warmth and dampness inside the shoe.
  • World's leading brand in rubber outsoles destined to fashion and sports industry. Vibram products provide quality, performance and safety matching innovative design and unique compounds specifically developed for the various disciplines of motorcycle use.


  • Craft constructive system of the boot around the last reproducing men’s foot anatomy. This technique allows to reach a higher level of comfort, to extend utilization time and to match different riding conditions.
  • Craft constructive system of the boot around the last reproducing women’s foot anatomy. This technique allows to reach a higher level of comfort, to extend utilization time and to match different riding conditions.
  • Italian craftsmanship’s ability developed in over 20 years motorcycle boots production combines with certified materials and most innovative constructive solutions. Highly skilled tecnicians follow industrialization processes of all different production units. Quality of italian manufacturing is central to FALCO' s success and loyal customer base.
  • CE branding on boots indicates the conformity of the product according to the European Directive 89/686/CEE and following amendments. In particular this compliance has been verified and certified through CE certification and lab tests according to the corresponding norm EN 13634:2010. European standard EN 13634:2010 includes two performance levels in terms of the protection afforded. Within standard EN 136364:2010 “Level 1” performance is deemed as the minimum level required, “Level 2” offers increased performance. Levels confirm following tests compliances: abrasion resistance, cut resistance, rigidity of bottom.
OutDry® laminated membrane features enhanced waterproofing and transpiration performance: the OutDry® membrane is bonded to the uppers to give a homogeneous and breathable waterproofing system. It is laminated directly to the inside of the prefabricated shell material, without any seams or gaps, so potential water entry points are sealed perfectly. Products equipped with OutDry® offer superior fit plus greater flexibility and dexterity. They keep you dry and are also lightweight, so they are simply more comfortable to wear.